Rolex Omega watch recommended

Rolex Omega watch recommended

We all know that different occasions to wear different clothes, this is not difficult for us. However, if different occasions to wear a different watch may be a little difficult. First, a watch expensive, for the general public, at the same time have a few pieces of a bit impractical. Secondly, the selection of different styles of watch time-consuming and laborious. Xiaobian today to recommend two versatile watches, T stage catwalk, entertainment, daily work everything, let you a “watch” go the world.

firstly Rolex Omega watch recommended

rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Series 114300 blue plate

Rolex Omega watch recommended

Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement Model: 3132
Case material: stainless steel, 904L stainless steel
Watch Comments: Rolex can be said that the well-known brand, the quality is also very good guarantee, so a Rolex watch is a good choice. This Oyster constant blue plate watch design is very new, the use of color and grinding process are in place. And Oyster constant watch also has a waterproof function, to meet the daily wear, sports and other different needs. Strap by the three rows of large, smooth chain links, extremely strong. This same series of watches also have red grape dial, white dial, etc., for everyone to provide a wide range of options.

omega replica constellation series

Product Type:

Watch diameter: 24 mm
Movement type: quartz
Movement Model: Omega 1376
Case Material: Stainless steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: light look, Omega constellation series will be able to capture a large number of people. 24 mm diameter is more suitable for women’s slender wrist, mother of pearl dial material to create a feeling of white clouds, super significant texture. Inlaid with twelve diamonds standard 18K red gold bezel, the watch looks elegant and luxurious. Bezel engraved with Roman numerals, and with “claw” classic logo. 18K red gold bracelet as a whole to add a beautiful.

Rolex Omega watch recommended

Summary: Both watches from the appearance or design, production process, are impeccable, no matter what occasion to wear can attract people’s attention, is the real all-round watch.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Ernest Borel Couple watch. The Ernest Borel watch’s centuries-old legend love story enjoys popular support, and everlasting heritage of love so far, in the spirit of excellence, Ernest Borel watches from the very beginning followed the traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Ernest Borel Couple fake rolex watches watch Century watch legend because of love forever

Ernest Borel table everywhere left a “romantic, elegant” atmosphere, elegant and elegant series of watches designed elegant,

especially in the dial very hard, or use abstract art fonts, or with the three-dimensional nail scale, Sword shaped pointer and other details, are reflected in the Alice series. At the same time large case, large open face, is also the characteristics of Alice Series watch, showing the atmosphere, elegant and beautiful and unique connotation.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Positive effect of the dial real shot

Rose gold plated stainless steel case, round and delicate, unique metallic sheen make the watch more refined,

elegant brown dial background, Roman numerals are arranged on the dial above the table, distinct atmosphere,

rather retro charm, the unique sword-shaped hands like the years Knife angular, exquisite walk in time.

Three o’clock position with calendar display function, practical and concise.

40mm mirror interpretation of the eternal classic, the watch as a whole simple retro, exudes elegance.

Screw-in crown for easy manipulation, the crown engraved with Ernest Borel table shorthand logo, like a butterfly dancing,

so small space will restore the shorthand logo to show the details of the intentions and craftsmanship exquisite.

Delicate metal texture, full volume Ze lugs and strap natural to undertake, seamless.

Through the back through the back of the watch, you can clearly see the movement, Swiss made 2824 / SW200 automatic movement,

exquisite polished and rhodium plated, engraved with Ernest Borel table simplified icon, and the Swiss made logo.

Brown leather strap soft Futie, wear it more comfortable, walking in the strap alignment neat and meticulous, very retro charm. Watch omega replica uk with a pin buckle, exquisite and shiny, the watch is engraved with English label Ernest Borel table.

Ernest Borel Couple watch

Ernest Borel watches with the century-old heritage of superb Haute Craft, and “romantic moments, because of the love of eternity” concept, to create people’s favorite watch.

Elegant and romantic style of integration of mechanical aesthetics, known as the “Swiss couple table model”,

witness the touching love of countless couples, inherited the cross-century love legend.

This watch is also a pair of lovers watches,

women’s models in addition to the basic difference between the same diameter and male models.

then you can consider this watch, because of love forever.

Rolex watch chain cleaning

Rolex watch chain cleaning

Rolex is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly Wilsdorf and Davis (W & D) company, the German Hans Wilsdof and the British Alfred Davis in 1905 in London. In 1908 Hans Wilsdof registered in Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds changed its name to ROLEX. After a century of development, the Geneva-based Rolex Corporation already has 19 branches. There are 24 large-scale service centers in the major metropolises of the world. with an annual output of about 450,000 watches and a large market share One of the brand-name watches.

rolex replica watches metal bracelet cleaning methods

Metal chain because of its durable and unique metallic luster to become the first choice for many watch fans, but the chain watch worn for a long time, hoarding in the joints or sweat stains and dirt surface of the sludge will be issued stink , This time we must do a good job of cleaning.

Rolex watch chain cleaning

Rolex watch chain cleaning

Method One: The watch chain into the salt water soak for a long time (watch the watch to be waterproof more than 100 meters),

you will find that the water has some black dirt precipitation. Then use a toothbrush to clean the rolex replica.

Method two: take a soft bristled toothbrush stained with a little toothpaste or detergent lightly brush the strap and seams,

then rinse with water, use a hair dryer to wipe the strap blow dry. In addition K gold watch worn for a long time due to oxidation and discoloration,

in addition to the master to deal with, but also available toothpaste wipe.

Rolex watch chain cleaning

1Rolex not only full of innovation, but also full of persistent dedication to seek perfection, for Rolex, “character” is not empty words. Rolex watches “steady, applicable, not significant” design style, much people push heavy, but more accurate and durable Rolex worth extraordinary.

also full of persistent dedication to seek perfection, for Rolex, “character” is not empty words. Rolex watches “steady, applicable, not significant” design style, much people push heavy, but more accurate and durable Rolex worth extraordinary.

Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex is the classic Swiss watch industry brand. The first sign of the Rolex watch is a palm outstretched fingers. which means that the brand’s watch is completely crafted by hand, and later gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, the Rolex brand enjoys popular support in the country, the brand in-depth People i buy an endless stream of people. To buy more people also need to know how to use the watch. Today, we talk about how to adjust Rolex time?

Rolex proofing date and day of the week method

rolex replica watches mechanical watches in the need to change the date and week, as long as the first gear from the first gear gently pulled out to the second gear, rotate the crown counterclockwise quickly adjust the calendar, clockwise rotation of the crown quickly adjust the calendar. But at 30 o’clock in the morning until 2:30 am the next day can not be quickly dial to prevent errors and damage to the parts.

Rolex watches adjust time

Watch adjust the time method,Rolex watches adjust time

When you need to adjust the time (dial needle), the handle should be fully pulled to the third gear. and then turn the handle can be lost when the needle.

However, in order to align the time, usually when the second hand went 12 o’clock hour, and then pull the handle to the third gear.

then power off stop seconds, then press the standard time on time, points. To be the standard time of seconds come 12 o’clock the whole point.

is about to push the handle back to the first gear I position, the circuit connected. Hands can be synchronized with the standard time operation.

Rolex mechanical watch on how much?,Rolex watches adjust time

Generally speaking, the average normal winding to 30.

the basic is full, (the premise is that you want to be full of) hands on the watch does not matter, as long as you can not turn until the clock is full.

especially if worn for the first time or stopped and then need to use your hands to open the clockwork.

rolex replica watches mechanical winding need to pay attention to what? How to adjust the date of Rolex mechanical watches?

(Wearing the initial wear recommendations we do not rely on Automatic Tuo string) We all know, because the automatic watch is “unhappy chord”, so the number of automatic watches on the number of suggestions rather not less, may be more than a few, such as on To 40, the basic protection can be full.

Rolex watch mechanical watch winding matters needing attention

Any so-called “automatic” thing is not unconditional, mechanical things, of course, to abide by the principle of watches.

watches are the same, to “auto” premise is your own arm to move first, according to the principle of physics work, the object moves horizontally Doing work (unless you accelerate the swing), so the wrist shift can not make the watch winding.

Rolex watches adjust time

Rolex watch mechanical winding need to pay attention to what? How to adjust the date of the Rolex mechanical watch

The best way to auto-winding watch should be along the plane of automatic Tuo, swing arm up and down.

then Tuo rotation maximum, but if Tuo along the axis up and down shaking, automatic Tuo does not rotate.

Elegant and fresh little experience Rolex Sunday calendar type 40 platinum watch

Rolex Sunday calendar type 40 platinum watch

At the 2015 Basel Watch Fair, rolex replica watches introduced a new generation of 3255 movement.

the movement includes 14 new patented technology to improve accuracy, power reserve, reliability, shock resistance, antimagnetic and so on.

Attracted a large number of people present to the scene, today’s watch home for everyone to bring a carry this new generation of movement Oyster Perpetual week calendar type 40 watch.

Oyster Perpetual week calendar type 40 watch Rolex this watch is the latest launch, not only equipped with the latest 3255-type movement, but also into some new designs, such as 40 mm case diameter.

Weekly calendar images are all cast in gold or platinum to reflect the wearer’s identity. This is one of the platinum watch (model: 228206), ice blue diagonal grid dial to make the whole watch looks very fresh, the bezel does not use the classic “dog tooth circle” design, but ordinary Beveled bezel, polished more soft, rounded, such as water droplets.

Rolex Sunday calendar type 40 platinum watch

Rolex Sunday calendar type 40 platinum watch

Half-ring three-row chain festival platinum bracelet, pure classic.

This Rolex heads-up bracelet is especially designed for the Sunday calendar that was introduced in 1956.

Under the outer ring of the new hidden connections, to ensure seamless connectivity between the strap and watch the visual effects.

Hidden platinum crown buckle with hinged Rolex crown logo open.

Ice-blue dial diagonal grid pattern decoration, like ice jade carved a little too much.

3 o’clock position date display window, 12 o’clock fan-shaped week display window and large crown three-dimensional mosaic.


the classic trapezoidal pointer, the mirror “blisters” and other elements, after all the vicissitudes of life is still classic look good.

Rolex Sunday calendar type 40 platinum watch

A new generation of 3255-type movement accuracy than the official identification of approved time-use standards twice as high.

Equipped with a new Rolex patented Chroner escapement system, providing high efficiency power. Nickel-phosphorus movement made, it is not subject to magnetic interference.

The new barrel design and escapement system, high-efficiency operation, so that the movement of power reserve increased to three days.

Summary: Sunday calendar type 40 omega replica watch appearance in terms of no major changes.

Rolex’s ice blue dial has always been a more lovable color, with platinum is very simple, small fresh feeling.

The new 3255 movement in accuracy, performance has improved a lot.

German watch calendar adjustment and precautions

German watch calendar adjustment

Calendar function may be regarded as the rolex replica watch the most simple additional features. it also has many types, the most common is the window calendar.

There are many forms of window calendar evolution.

for example: There are three types of speed from the conversion of calendar numbers:

(1) instantaneous jump, (2) fast jump, (3) slow climb.

Calendar window in the dial on the open position in the three-point drive at most, other locations are, but different, but the more unusual is the so-called “big eyes” calendar, that is the calendar of ten and a single digit Made of two dials, respectively, a situation shown. This number can be done relatively large, do not have to add a magnifying glass on the glass.

The watch with calendar function is not complicated in structure, and the main parts that constitute the calendar mechanism are: calendar dial, calendar dial wheel, calendar wheel, calendar positioning lever, calendar positioning lever spring, calendar dial wheel, calendar cover And screws and so on.

German watch calendar adjustment

German watch calendar adjustment

German watch calendar work principle

The power is transmitted from the hour wheel, and the calendar wheel is rotated once every 24 hours by the speed change of the calendar wheel. A dowel (spring or the like) is arranged on the calendar dial wheel for dialing the date dial Tooth.

Calendar dial has 31 teeth and characters, calendar positioning lever cut into the teeth of the calendar dial,

positioned under the pressure of rolex replica watches the calendar positioning rod spring play a role. If the jump form is slow climb or fast jump,

change the calendar when the calendar dial and the calendar dial will be a little bit of slow movement (from 8 pm to 12 pm);

if the jump form is instantaneous jump , Then there is a cam below the dial wheel, a large lever and a spring, and the calender dials a tooth (word) in a flash as the cam is compressed and suddenly released by the large lever.

German watch tune calendar tips

We know that the watch’s calendar device beats only once within 24 hours a day. However, the hour hand of the watch is rotated twice.

In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12 noon.

The correction is also very simple.

You just need to dial the watch clockwise one circle. In the second case, there are two ways to correct,

usually the current calendar (including the calendar) function of the watch,

the table gear has three files, when the watch is fully pushed,

also called “normal Gear “, this time the rotation of the watch can only be clockwork;

when the watch is completely pulled out, the watch can be positive or reverse dial needle,

in the” normal gear “and completely pull out the dial gear Between,

there is a stall, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar.

You need to slowly and carefully the watch will be in this stall, rotate the watch to accurately correct the calendar plate can be.

German watch calendar adjustment German watch calendar note

First, the German daily routine watch mechanical precautions First.

in order to avoid moisture infiltration into the German watch case and watch waterproof function, make sure that the crown in a locked form.

Second, the hand-wound movement of the watch should try to harmonize every day once, so watch in the next 24 hours have enough energy to operate.

Third, more than 40 hours have not worn before winding German watch.

it should be worn again, the crown change 20 laps to once again enlighten the head drive system.

Fourth, active winding watch movement, the energy originating from the arm of the wearer’s activity.

so the normal wearing condition without manual winding,

as long as the lack of activity by the wearer in order to add enough time to add energy spring can be manually Winding way to compensate.

German watch ash how to clean?

German watch ash how to clean? Wearing watches is of course a happy thing, but many people use the German watch but the process.

but because of the German watch a few glitches and open the German watch the back cover inspection. but because there is no professional dust-free maintenance environment Conducted. resulting in serious German watch into the ash.

German watch into the ash what are the reasons? watch into the ash how to clean?

German watch ash

German watch into the gray and watch quality are inseparable

Speaking of German watch rolex replica into the topic of gray, Xiaobian give everyone a common sense to popularize.

Under normal circumstances, the watch’s production process are in a vacuum clean environment, the German watch sealing conditions are very high, almost no gray phenomenon appears.

Therefore, the German watch into the ash and its own quality are inextricably linked. Nowadays. a better German waterproof performance is good.

but waterproof it is also dust-proof, and only poor quality German watches will over time. resulting in a small amount of dust into.

German watch into the ash reason

Under normal circumstances, the German watch sealing is very high, causing the German watch into the ash what are the reasons?

In addition to artificially disassemble the German watch back cover, the German watch into ash for two main reasons.

First, you should first check your watch is tight, whether due to aging cracks or the overall case and the case (ring) are loose.

Because the German watch closed bad, usually into the ash on the water. The second reason is due to internal wear, because the ash on the dial does not come from the outside.

German watch ash how to clean?

Found that the German watch replica watches into the ash, do not easily open the back cover cleaning.

should be promptly sent to the professional areas such as after-sales cleansing.

but also to do regular waterproofing test and travel time accuracy testing to ensure its normal operation.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to German watches do not come into contact with chemicals in daily life.

Waterproof table anti-cold water is not hot water.

so do not wear it to take a bath.

to avoid water vapor in order to ensure its waterproof effect.

and then adjust the watch after the German. remember to restore the crown, according to Yan, to avoid dust enter.

Omega constellation series small seconds watch

The movement developed by omega replica constellation series has been rigorously tested by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) . The movement of the Observatory Observatory passes the Swiss official observatory as well as the high standards of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) Testing, including magnetic properties, including eight key performance tests. Not only test the performance of the movement alone, but also test the complete assembly of the entire meter.

Omega constellation series
Enthusiasm for this watch not only from bright Smart design, more in love with its inherent precision and excellence.

White mother of pearl dial in different angles reflects a unique cloud effect, showing a long and charming gesture. Hours engraved inlaid 10 delicate diamonds.

firstly, The small second hand design at 9 o’clock and the 4 diamond second hand tessellations around create the dynamic rhythm of the constellation series.

Watch Case inherited the Omega Constellation series of classic “claw” design, bezel with red 18K gold to create, inlaid with exquisite diamonds.

firstly Set the calendar window at 6 o’clock.

Red 18K gold to create the crown, the top of the crown relief Omega brand identity “Ω.”
The lugs and the case are integrally formed, using brushed polished skills, highlighting the production of sophisticated technology.

Watch chain for the Constellation series of familiar horizontal strip links, frosted red gold chain link with a polished red K gold chain bracelet connected, cleverly designed, pleasant and comfortable.

Omega rolex replica brand identity “Ω” Decorated on the clasp. The superb handling of detail highlights the high-end craftsmanship of Omega watches.

Omega Constellation series

Watch equipped with Omega 8705 – Observatory movement using silicon springs and other non-ferromagnetic materials.

Red K gold placed Tuo, providing 50 hours of power reserve, movement by the Geneva ripple polished decoration.

firstly abcd

firstly abcd
Summary: The newly designed constellation series to Zhenzhong Observatory small seconds watch is small and exquisite. but in the beauty of the body which contains excellent timing performance.

Masculine metal texture, Rolex 116520

Rolex 116520. rolex is a famous watch manufacturer in Switzerland. is one of the watch brands with the largest market share in the world today. It is also a reputable brand both in the watch industry and the industry. The predecessor of the brand, founded in 1905 and formally registered as a rolex trademark in 1908.

has now evolved into a massive watch empire that has 24 large service centers in major metropolitan areas around the world. And an annual output of 450,000 or so watches. This time, we introduce a rolex watch empire boutique watch, rolex 116520.

rolex 116520 watch is a men’s automatic mechanical watch, this watch case is round, 40 mm diameter table, made of 904L stainless steel. Polished case after treatment, exudes silver metallic luster, showing a very tough masculinity. Dial color is black, three chronograph dial as the distribution of the three pillars above the dial, the dial layout looks organized, but also make the watch look more beautiful. In addition to sapphire crystal glass mirror and stainless steel strap foil. we can say that the appearance of this watch is very good.

Rolex 116520
The rolex replica 116520 watch with the function is not much, not too powerful, but its function is very real. Time display by the central hour hand and the central minute

hand with a small second hand dial at 6 o’clock to complete.

the release of the central second hand. It can serve the function of timing.

Timekeeping function by the central second hand and 3 o’clock position of the 30-minute timer seconds.

9 o’clock position 12-hour timer seconds to achieve together by the timepiece on the right side of the timer start / stop button and the timer reset button control. operation Simple and easy to grasp.

Rolex 116520

This rolex 116520 watch carrying the Cal.4030 movement, which is a self-winding movement.

is based on September 1969 Zenith EI Primero movement-based movement to improve .

rolex 116520 omega replica watch with its classic design and excellent features with the watch has become a classic watch among them.

Its rolex classic styling coupled with tough metal. exudes a masculine masculinity.

while the black dial design adds a touch of mystery to the watch as a whole.

In terms of performance with a classic Cal.4030 movement as a support enough to reassuring.

Cartier watch know the best woman’s heart

Cartier watch, For some time did not introduce a female form to you, and although our customers are mostly men, but we can not ignore the ladies.

firstly And different men, for most women, the watch is more decorative items, good looks.

firstly a sense of design is the most important, of course, jewelery, diamonds, which are the things that every woman loves.

Recently read Cartier for SIHH 2018 launch of the new Cartier Libre series, I not only feeling: the most understand the woman’s heart, or Cartier. Let’s take a look.

Cartier watch

firstly The first glance at the new Cartier Libre collection is dizzying and stunningly its best adjective. The design of the entire range of ideas, full of creativity, each of the five models are different, each one is the same.

Cartier watch

firstly Cartier Libre series re-interpretation of the brand styling watch, elongated or narrow lines, revealing a dreamlike atmosphere. Different designs show a lively creative ingenuity, each giving an artistic visual enjoyment.

Cartier watch

Débordante in French is the meaning of overflowing, used to name this watch is very image. The whole replica omega watch seems to overflow like streamer, creative bold, without reservation.

firstlyBeautiful oval dial surrounded by three-dimensional engraved carved crown, precious ornate gems, grand styling, like stars, romantic luxury, aesthetic atmosphere. The watch is made of white gold with a size of 46.9mm x 28.4mm, a case set with diamonds and black spinel, a quartz movement and a limited edition of 50 pieces.

This Baignoire Etoilée watch is also very named, French Étoilée translates to starlight meaning. Black spinel and crystal diamonds pouring like a waterfall, gorgeous bright, beautiful dazzling.

Cartier watch

When suspended, the gorgeous light on the skin Smart walk. Ingenuity of the monochrome contrast, mini dial inlaid double precious stones, perfect blend of black and white, presents a stunning visual effects. The whole watch is gorgeous, bright, romantic and classic.

firstly I think it is the most fantastic one of the five watches, and my favorite one. The watch is made of white gold with dimensions of 43.65 x 20.11 mm, a diamond and black spinel set with a bracelet and a case, and a quartz movement, limited to 12 pieces.

Cartier watch Baignoire Infinie watch

The simple watch actually contains unlimited creativity, super mini watch center black dial reminiscent of the watch of the 1920s. Central watch dial for the visual focus, outward radiation, paved with trapezoidal cut diamonds, white mother of pearl, Tahitian mother of pearl and black spinel, gorgeous style fascinating.

firstly The whole watch is avant-garde, stylish yet simple and elegant feel, platinum material, quartz movement, limited edition 20.

Interdite French translated as a forbidden zone, this Baignoire Interdite watch clever grasp of space games, oval dial with horizontal modeling slender jade legs, quite bold.

firstly Large Roman digital dotted black glossy ADLC coated long case; diamonds on the dial looming, revealing the mysterious fantasy, the whole watch elegant with unruly.

The rolex replica watches watch is made of white gold, case set with diamonds, ADLC coated, quartz movement, limited edition of 50 pieces.

The front should be all the jewelry table, each one uses a bright diamond and low-key luxury platinum material.

and several watches above, compared to the above Crash Radieuse although not using diamonds, but still radiant of.

Crash watch distorted again.

Irregular multi-elliptical decorative case decorated like folding and stretching.

firstly large Roman numerals as if the illusion of a flash in the pan, the central dial strong potent waves. Light and shadow, the perfect combination of virtual and real.

soft to the extreme twisted lines to the charm of Crash watch to the extreme. but also reveal the distinctive female beauty. Watch with gold material, equipped with 8970 MC-type manual winding movement, a limited edition of 50.